How To Send Bitcoin On Cash App

Bitcoin is a digital revolutionary asset that enables you to transfer cash-value between people who have internet connection worldwide. This is the first digital money without any control of the government or any organization. Bitcoin stands for ultimate monetary freedom, which in today current age is a primary feature of finance.

Cash App has gained popularity with over 40-million users in 2020 as one of the quickest ways to send money on and receive on your mobile devices. Cash App now enables options of buying bitcoin, selling, and sending Bitcoin and even allows you to receive cash back bonuses in BTC. You must be wondering on the question of how to send Bitcoin on Cash App. Here, in this write-up you will find the answer to this question.

Sending Bitcoin using the cash app

Your answer to the question, how to Send Bitcoin from Cash App, is here. You can buy Bitcoin with the CashApp and send it to the noncustodial-wallet that you control. Remember, you have complete control of the money as well as BTC on the Cash App! You can suspend or confiscate your BTC on the app. For this reason, it is recommended that you move your Bitcoin immediately after you buy it into the Ledger or Trezor-hardware wallet.

Step by Step Process to send the Bitcoin to an outside wallet When you want to Send Bitcoin from Cash App, the following step by step process can be followed:

  • Step 1: Click the Send Button in the Cash App – Click Send button to start the sending-process under the Bitcoin display in the Cash App. You will see a pop-up displaying Bitcoin or Bitcoin sending option.
  • Step 2: Choose the correct amount you want to send – You will be asked on the next screen, the quantity of Bitcoin you wish to send from your cash app account. Select the amount to send and then click “Send.
  • Step 3: Now choose where your Bitcoin should be sent – You can send the BTC to another contacts, like an exodus, coinbase account or wallet like Trezor, after you select the amount that you wish to send. The $Cash-Tag or the Bitcoin wallet-address can be entered in the column. Click the “Next” button and finalize the transaction, once you select the sending address of the Bitcoin.

Note: Your Bitcoin will be forwarded to your external wallet once the app has processed your transaction. Bitcoin (BTC) transfer may take time, so wait up to several hours to complete the transfer.

How to send the Bitcoin to your own wallets?

The following step by step process can be followed to send the Bitcoin from your cash app to your own other wallets.

  • 1) Click the option to send Bitcoin – In the Bitcoin menu of the cashapp, you will see an option to send theBitcoin. Click on this option to send Bitcoin to your other wallets.
  • 2) Share the address of your Bitcoin wallet – The Bitcoin-address QR-code as well as the option for copying or sharing the address will appear on the pop-up. The Bitcoin-address or the QR-code can be sent to the Bitcoin contact. Copy the address and send the selected wallets or exchanges in order to send Bitcoins between your-own wallets. Please assure that you copied the address properly and double-verify it for accuracy because it leads to a loss of money if BTC is sent to a bogus address.

The above is the complete process to Send Bitcoin to Cash App. You can also follow the process mentioned above to send the Bitcoins that are in your casapp.

Why use Cashapp for sending and receiving Bitcoins?

Up to the recent update, it took a long time and a large fee to buy, sell and send Bitcoins.Initially, one has to wait for a week for the ACH transfer to make the account clear. Then one has to pay Bitcoin 4 percent fees as the charges. Altogether, it took three weeks to get the assets back into the Ledger-hardware wallet for an average person. This is a lot of time to wait for the money to be available.

Now, using the Cash App, one can buy Bitcoin in a few seconds and send it out in a non-custodial wallet that has private keys under control. Cash App Send Bitcoin Charges are 1.75 percent, amongst of the lowest in the market for all Bitcoin platforms.